Episodes Archive

  • Roundtripping

    Aside from talking about how downbad we are, we discuss generative art, Moonbird Oddities, Damien Hirst’s Currency, and the new frontier of Soulbound Tokens (SBTs).

  • Stop Using The Word Phygital

    Despite the continued downtrend in crypto and NFT prices, some projects outperform. Where can we look to find value?

  • Suzuki Crash Viewing

    With the depegging of stablecoin UST, soft rug allegations surrounding the Azuki founder, and crypto markets in free fall, enjoy max pain with us.

  • Gassed Up in Apeland

    Post-game analysis of Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Otherside metaverse land drop and its potential fallout, plus ENS domains, corporate artist royalties and more.

  • 270000% Returns

    Guest Jennifer Sutto joins to discuss Akutar contract issues, Ryan Carson’s Moonbirds exit, the best time to sell NFTs, and the staggering 270,000% mint-and-hold BAYC returns so far.

  • Full Moon Rising

    We continue the conversation about Moonbirds after an incredible first few days trading, and cover some of the fud being levelled against Kevin Rose and Proof.

  • The 100 ETH NFT Competition

    The gang discuss the latest NFT news, the Vayner Sports Pass, Drifter’s First Day Out and Micah Johnson’s Akutars, as well as kicking off The 100 ETH NFT competition.

  • War is a Racket

    Scaly and the crew discuss war, proof.xyz’s Grail project, Shl0ms’ Car and metaverse land. We also pay tribute to Alotta Money who sadly passed away this week.

  • Bear Market Vibes

    We discuss the importance of buying what you like, and talk projects including Josie Bellini’s Cyber Brokers, and Travis LeRoy’s Liminals.

  • Superbowl

    Scaly, Van, Deb, Plum and Pep talk Superbowl ads, CC0, DAOs vs centralisation, Plum’s bags, Scaly’s Autoglyphs pain, and holding vs selling.