Episodes Archive

  • 0xMoonbags & krybharat

    With a focus on the Friend.Tech SocialFi phenomenon currently sweeping crypto, Scaly speaks with Stephen aka 0xMoonbags, developer and co-founder of Avalanche-based art marketplace Campfire, and Bharat Krymo, seasoned investor and GP at 6529 Capital, about the innovations and implications of this new meta. Learn more about Stephen https://twitter.com/0xMoonbags and check out https://campfire.exchange/ Find Bharat…

  • NonFunGerbils

    Hosts of the first crypto podcast Scaly ever listened to, Luke and George from NonFunGerbils talk about how permissionless technology is evolving through a messy process of financially incentivised innovation, experimentation and endless cul-de-sacs. If your long-term bullishness on the world of crypto and NFTs is wavering, this is the podcast to listen to. Find…

  • diewiththemostlikes

    Scaly chats with Mark Wilson aka diewiththemostlikes about his artistic journey both before and after NFTs, ground beef, Long John Silver’s, and his upcoming Nifty Gateway project Chub Packs. Find out more at https://twitter.com/toadswiback

  • PhantomScribbler

    Scaly talks with @phantom_scribbs about the journey that led to him collecting historically important grail NFTs like Rare Pepes, Crypto Punks, Autoglyphs and Lost Robbies. Visit https://twitter.com/phantom_scribbs for more info

  • SquiggleDAO

    Scaly geeks off about everything Chromie Squiggles with NiftyFifty, Sam and Fnkl from SquiggleDAO. Find out more at https://www.squiggledao.com/

  • VonMises

    Scaly speaks to legendary NFT investor @VonMises14 about his story of conviction, Crypto Punks, Artblocks, and the best Chromie Squiggle in existence. Visit Von Mises on X – https://twitter.com/VonMises14 and check out his galleries at deca.art/VonMises

  • j1mmy.eth

    In our newly renamed podcast, Scaly Nelson chats with j1mmy about how he approaches timing the market, the upcoming ERC6551 standard, Azuki and more.

  • Good To Be Back

    Braced for crypto winter, Scaly Nelson, 0xinc and Pep return to talk Artblocks, NBA Top Shot, bear market bargain hunting and relative strength in the NFT market.

  • Mitchell F. Chan

    Scalynelson and Xinc chat with artist Mitchell F. Chan about creativity, intent and blockchain as a medium. The crew discuss “QQL”, and preview Mitchell’s upcoming project, “Beggars Belief”.

  • Bleu Monday

    Scaly, Xinc and Pep talk decentralisation of NFT platforms, the disappearance of crypto tourists, the crypto rich as patrons of the arts, and Yves Klein-inspired conceptual work.