Episodes Archive

  • Mitchell F. Chan

    Scalynelson and Xinc chat with artist Mitchell F. Chan about creativity, intent and blockchain as a medium. The crew discuss “QQL”, and preview Mitchell’s upcoming project, “Beggars Belief”.

  • Bleu Monday

    Scaly, Xinc and Pep talk decentralisation of NFT platforms, the disappearance of crypto tourists, the crypto rich as patrons of the arts, and Yves Klein-inspired conceptual work.

  • 8lien Invasion

    Scaly, Van and Noone0x talk tools for building and valuing NFT collections, and walk through Proof Collective’s Grails II drop to guess which artists might be behind each mysterious piece.

  • Degens Are Sometimes Lonli

    Special guest Lonliboy @chilltulpa and the crew dive deep on generative art, Art Blocks, Fxhash, and the early days of NFTs on Tezos.

  • Who Said JPEGs Are Dead?

    Scaly Nelson, Xinc and special guest Iuri discuss the increased demand for NFTs when ETH price finds a range, and the continued flight to quality 1/1 and generative art.

  • The Next Art Blocks Pump

    We talk markets, Art Blocks volume, eBay acquiring Known Origin, Gucci x Superrare, Doodles x Pharrell, NFT music acts and BAYC vs RR, plus a long-awaited 100 ETH challenge update.

  • FTX: Sleep Better Frens

    Riding the wave of optimism following rumours of crypto company bailouts, Punk Vandelay and Pepape think about art and narratives which might be important in the next NFT bull market.

  • If Something Looks Bad Just Sell

    The team discuss the market-wide meltdown following the potential failure of prominent crypto investment fund Three Arrows Capital, and the bargains to be found in the continuing bloodbath. Links: Koinly

  • The Rise and Fall of Goblin Town

    Live streamed group therapy session diving into the free mint meta, anonymous founders, and whether there is any escape from goblin town.

  • Justin Waldron

    Scalynelson meets Justin to ask about the journey that led to co-founding Zynga and Playco, and their new web3 PFP story-building tool, Storyverse.